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Google delays result of Mapathon 2013

Saturday, July 27th 2013

The much awaited results of Google Mapathon 2013 gets delayed over the privacy concerns from Survey of India. The results were supposed to be out on July 23, 2013. 
Google announced the first ever mapping competition in India called Mapathon 2013 from Feburary 12 to March 25, to provide people with the most comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps of India.
Google has drafted a mail on Mapathon 2013 addressed to its participants. Kindly find the mail below:  
Dear Mapathon participants -
It is the 24th of July and all of us are eagerly looking forward to announcing the winners of our first ever nationwide Mapathon! We are eager to recognize the winners while celebrating the work done by all of you as a large community that cares for your neighborhoods. However, we are sorry to inform you that we all have to wait just a bit longer for reasons explained below.
As you may know, towards the end of the Mapathon, the Survey of India (SOI) had expressed concerns over the data added during the contest. Specifically, the SOI wanted to review the data that was added during the Mapathon to make sure that it is safe to publish without revealing information that it considers sensitive. Towards this end, we had provided them the data that was added during the Mapathon, but have not yet heard back.
Since we can move forward only after receiving their approval, we are unfortunately not in a position to announce the results of the Mapathon yet, as originally planned. When we do hear back from the SOI, we will announce the results of the contest.
We feel your disappointment. Indeed, we were hoping that we would be in a position to announce our winners today, which is the reason we did not pro-actively put out any notification about a potential delay. We will continue to persistently follow up with SOI and hope to announce the results at the earliest.
The Mapathon 2013 Team
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